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Nuuk Transport will - in their activities, continuously work towards the creation of long-term value, under due consideration to their responsibility to contribute as much as possible to an economic, social and environmental sustainable society


Nuuk Transport will – in compliance with international standards for corporate social responsibility (CSR) including the UN Global Compact Principles: 

  • Work systematically with CSR internally in the business
  • Be a pioneering business in regards to good CSR management
  • Be able to act in an international context and fulfil the requirements from foreign businesses

Values in the CSR work

Nuuk Transport’s values are:

  • To respect the individual employee’s dignity and integrity and treat them fairly
  • To contribute to the employees possibility for personal growth and development
  • To encourage cooperation, knowledge-sharing and comprehensive view of the business
  • To cooperate regarding development of the local community
  • To contribute in creating an open, transparent and inclusive society

Approved at board meeting 19 / 1- 2013