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Nuuk Transport wants for the best possible health and well-being for our employees. The areas of Nuuk Transport's health policy is drawn up from the wants of the employees and the management and the national aims for public health, as described in the Greenlandic public health program for 2013 to 2019, Inuuneritta II. The focal points of Inuuneritta II are as follows.

Hashish and alcohol abuse
Ensuring healthy eating habits
Increasing physical activity in the public Still the mental health and well-being is seen as a drive for the individuals possibility to ensure his or hers social and physical health.

Alcohol and illegal drugs including hashish 

Nuuk Transport wants that none of our employees have or develops an addiction to drugs and alcohol, employees with an addiction are actively supported and helped out of their addiction.

This is ensured by:
Non tolerance against alcohol consumption during work hours
Non tolerance against illegal drugs including hashish
Motivating all employees with an addiction to seek treatment
Actively support employees with addictions to receive treatment
Actively support employees during and after their treatment with a mentor program


Nuuk Transport wants that none of our employees start smoking and that employees that wish to quit smoking are actively supported and helped.

This is ensured by:
Adherence to the national smoking law e.g. smoking is prohibited in the companies buildings, cars and machines
Motivating smoking employees to quit smoking
Actively supporting employees during and after smoking cessation
Conducting smoking cessation courses

Healthy eating habits 

Nuuk Transport wants to give our employees the possibility to eat healthy during work hours and urge healthy eating habits in general.

This is ensured by:
Offering healthy and nutritious food in Igaffik in line with the Greenlandic Nutrition Board recommendations from the 10 dietary guidelines
Motivating healthy eating amongst our employees

Physical activity
Nuuk Transport wants to give all employees the possibility to exercise and we actively support that all employees can live up to the Greenlandic Nutrition Board recommendation of one hour of moderate activity daily.

This is ensured by:
Motivating physical activity
Offering all permanent employees grants for selected sports activities

Well-being and mental health

Nuuk Transport is very attentive of its employees well-being and actively work to ensure its employees the best possible well-being both in and outside the workplace.

This is ensured by:
Actively working for mutual respect and a good tone between employees
Actively supporting employee initiated social activities that include everyone in the group
Actively oppose bullying and other derogative behaviour
Intervene in bullying, derogative behaviour and poor mental work environments
Supporting victims of bullying
Employees that wish it are supported in contact with social and tax authorities
In the long term working with temporary accommodation for permanent employees

Work with the health policy 

It is the view of Nuuk Transport, that employee health and well being is part of the objective to ensure good physical and mental work environments. Working with concrete initiavtives under this policy is therefore placed in our Work Environment Organisation