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In 1985, Jens Egede bought a boom truck and started his own company, Nuuk Transport. Hans soon bought a second boom truck, and the company slowly expanded. At that time we had between one and three employees.

In 1989, Nuuk Transport started to stevedore in Nuuk harbour and named the firm Usit Nuuk. Our company expanded to have about 30 employees.

In 1996, the company was made a private limited company named Nuuk Transport and Usit Nuuk ApS. The expantion continued, and in 1998 the municipal refuse collection was taken over. The company had about 50 employees then.

In 1998, Jens Egede took in the present CEO Edward Niclasen as partner and joint owner. The company now called Nuuk Transport ApS. After raising our profile Nuuk Transport Aps became the only stevedoring company in Nuuk.

In 2001, Nuuk Transport Aps redesigned and improved the refuse collection in Nuuk by making a new environment friendly concept and included also the collection of night soil. Today the need is limited and in 2010 the municipality of Sermersooq took back the night soil collection.

In 2002, refuse collection in Nuuk for the Home Rule government's cooperative housing society, Ini, was taken over and Nuuk Transport Aps became Greenlands largest waste management company – and we still are.

In 2003, Nuuk Transport Aps bought the former fish factory GFI to unite the company under one roof. The new building was 4.000 m2. The investment made it possible for us to open our cafeteria, Igaffik (meaning kitchen).

In 2009, Nuuk Transport Aps became a private company under the name Nuuk Transport A/S (Ltd.). The company had expanded to employ about 110 employees, and to the be one of Greenland's largest transport companies.

In 2010, Nuuk Transport A/S started building the outdoor storage facilities, Ilisivik, in the Nuuk suburb Qinngorput. In the same year we started our successful work for the oil industry during the summer exploration.

In 2013, Ilisivik was finished, and we opened 15.000 m2 enclosed outdoor storage facilities with controlled access. Ilisivik also hold an environmental friendly storage and washing facilities for oil contaminated items. The same year our new indoor storage hall at Nuuk harbour was opened. It is 800 m2 with 8-12 m free height.