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Inatsisartut adopted on 19 May 2010, a law on language policy for companies and public institutions in Greenland. Of this § 4 states:
§ 4. Private companies with at least 10 employees, public enterprises and authorities should develop a language policy.
Paragraph. 2. A language policy can contain

1) a mapping of the authority or the company's language skills
2) visibility of foreign language and cultural skills,
3) visibility of the authority or the company's external linguistic image,
4) guidelines for internal and external communications, and
5) The competence of the staff.

Paragraph. 3. It is for the employer to make an individual and personal interview with the employee about the employee's need for language training and introduction to Greenlandic culture, history and society.

Language skills in the firm

Nuuk Transport is a Greenlandic company where over 95% of employees in the Greenlandic language and a very large proportion are bilingual Danish / Greenlandic.

At management level some executives does not master Greenlandic, but residents and without the need acc. § 4 pcs. 3. Management and managers speak English to varying degrees.

Language Policy

Greenlandic is the main language in Greenland. Nuuk Transport is a multilingual business and uses the languages ​​Greenlandic, Danish and English.

  • Nuuk Transport answer phone calls, emails and other communications in one of the three languages, they are usually in the one they are received in.
  • In principle priority Greenlandic of Danish and English, except that all employees contribute positively to ensure a common understanding of the company through the use of overall language skills.
  • Security procedures are always prepared in Greenlandic, Danish and English - in the same instructions set.
  • When commissioned work it is the customer's needs that determine which language is used.

Language training

Nuuk Transport recognizes the importance of language skills and encourages employees to improve their language skills

Nuuk Transportation can grant subsidies for language learning, for example through the municipal night school.