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  • Positiv exposure of Nuuk Transport
  • Support initiatives that are consistent with company policies, for example in environment and health
  • Support initiatives primarily aimed at assisting disadvantaged citizens.

What can be supported
  • Initiatives with positive impact on a larger group of individuals
  • In special cases, individuals with special needs such as illness

What cannot be supported
  • Applications where purpose or use of the aid is not clearly described
  • Support is not given to initiatives that involve the payment of salaries and fees of organizers
  • Travel Activities and study
  • Activities outside Greenland
  • Activities where the majority of the category of persons not resident in Greenland
  • Projects that do not correspond with or meet the company's policies.

What support can be awarded

  • Support is given in kind or services
  • In special cases, provided direct financial support.

How is aid granted
  1. The office manager determines whether the project falls within this policy
  2. All eligible projects submitted Director
  3. If the Director perceives that the application can provide positive exposure to Nuuk Transport and comes under the initiatives that the company supports the application will be presented for discussion at the next upcoming leadership meeting
  4. Directors take a final position on the initiative must be supported and in which way this will be done

Adopted by the Board, the 19-1-2013