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Samløft af 54,3 meter langt udløbsrør til den nye havn

art film poster

The artist Julie Hardenberg did to an exhibition in Katuaq, our national culture house, make artistic film posters. One of them with our "men in black" the waste management team from "Birgit".
suicide campain

Paarisa, the national prevention office's campaign against suicide: "Life must be lived" starred our staffed.

Posters on our containers made the alcohol campaign "Max 4 Tassa" (max 4 no more) visible for the broad public in Nuuk.

Billede 183Billede 3078Billede 189Billede 1562

In 2011-2012, the new Nuuk Center was built. It was made of the largest prefabricated elements used in Greenland to date. Nuuk Transport A/S was responsible for logistics and lifting of the element as our mobile crane was the only one able to manage the task.

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In 2011, a Dash 8 was blown off the runway during an attempted landing at Nuuk Airport. Nobody was injured, but the plane was severely damaged and blocked the runway. Nuuk Transport A/S was hired to remove the airplane and to transport it..
A rescue of a suction truck from the bottom of a valley. It was difficult but we succeeded.
2014 Billede nr. 2198
With the drop in oil prices Cairn decided to put their investigation in Greenland on hold. Nuuk Transport was hired to transport their equipment to the harbour from where it would be shipped out to be used elsewhere. 

Billede 1178

Nuuk Transport stored material for the ruby mine at Fiskenæsset south of Nuuk (Aappaluttoq). The picture is from Ilisivik where the camp was stored prior to placement
Putting amko pipes in place for a new road was the first large job for our mobile crane.