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Due to our large and varied fleet of cars Nuuk Transport A/S offers all types of services within transport and craning.

Our services include box van, all types of boom cars, side loaders, as well as special transports and heavy lifting with our mobile crane. We also offer hiring of our small busses "Tina" and "Katrine", as well as hiring of electrical trucks, other electrical equipment and other types of lifting equipment.

Back in 1998, the company saw new opportunities in use of side loaders. It made transport of containers both less expensive and more efficient.
Our mobile crane is the largest in Greenland and has made construction of higher buildings and use of larger building elements possible. As example is the Nuuk Center finished in 2012.


At Nuuk Transport, we work to make it easier for our business customers to rent crane trucks, tractors and mobile cranes etc. for virtually all major projects such as mining projects or large construction projects. We want to make the project easier for you, therefore our cars are in top condition and always function tested before delivery to avoid wasting your time.

Rental is incl. Freight, service of the trucks as well as professional drivers who have a great knowledge of the trucks.

Therefore, you can advantageously choose us. Want to hear more? Contact us today.

Testimonials from our customers

Lumina says about the collaboration as follows:
- Nuuk Transport is really professional and very flexible. Anything is possible, and they jump in at short notice," says Gorm Teper, Engineering Manager at Lumina Sustainable Materials.
- In Greenland, it can be difficult to find the right competences. But Nuuk Transport shows again and again that they are a local company that can easily solve the tasks, says Gorm Teper.

Emj atcon Greenland A/S. V. Bo Eriksen says about the collaboration as follows:

- Nuuk Transport is an innovative transport company and always works to find a customer-friendly solution in cooperation with the customer. So no matter what project you are working on, you can rely on Nuuk Transport to help you with the logistics.

Specialty Services

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